ft. of living space, including a full kitchen, queen bed, sofa, and other unique fixtures and amenities that will transport you into a Tolkien fantasy. If youre an adventurous soul who needs time away from city life, this hobbit house Airbnb has got you covered. A hobbit house is a home created in the earth, or covered by the earth, which is used to insulate the home. Mr. Joseph spent 24 years building these whimsical cottages (1946 to 1970). The property is surrounded by an Elven Village that springs to life in the evening with a lighted mural. The town is situated on the banks of the Columbia River, which provides a beautiful natural setting. Regardless of the logistics, several things are guaranteed when settling into an earth house for a night: Theyre quirky, usually with lots of surprising details. Where Hobbits vacation when in the "Virginia Shire". Thank you!. Family-friendly home with beach access in Hampton (from USD 389) 1/5airbnb virginia | family-friendly home with beach access in hampton 2/5family-friendly home with beach access in hampton Wireless Internet and DirecTV just in case you don't want to disconnect completely. Tolkien, guests will take an unexpected journey into Middle-earth for an experience unlike any other. Located near Rye, one of my favorite hidden vacation spots in Europe, this luxury hobbit house hideaway is in a serene setting. With the help of Mark Niki, a wood artist, and Scotty Ensign, a master landscape architect, they were able to make the dream come to life! Such a cool experience! The interior is somehow still airy and bright with tile floors, colorful art and decor, ladders to lofts, a full kitchen, and a retro carousel fireplace in the living room. Photo: Roy Toft via Airbnb. The aptly-named Hobbit House in the Virginia Shire is like something directly out of the famous story. 2, 2023 - Entire cabin for $198. Modern cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains (from USD 152) Show all photos Its considered an elevated glamping experience, perfect for travelers who are looking to get off the grid. Theres a trail right behind the home that takes you to a nearby creek, and at night, your group can enjoy meals at the outdoor dining table before gathering around the fire pit. It is so cozy, romantic, beautiful, unique, and just fun! It's Not Just a Visit! The Hollands do everything they can to make the experience about more than just the house itself. In a mailbox at the entrance of the property, which is a replica of Bilbos, guests will find a party invitation on a wax-sealed parchment paper personally addressed to them, welcoming them to their adventure. Beautiful yet eerie, you'll get a private bedroom that accommodates up to four. Its a little harder to describe an earth home than one may think, so well go for the most obvious explanation first. Enjoy the use of a hairdryer, TV with cable, AC, internet, and fitted kitchen with a coffee maker all in a dreamlike setting. Hobbit Style Underground Cabin Hobbit Style Underground Cabin, Broadway View on Airbnb It doesn't get much more interesting or unique than a hobbit-style earth house when you stay in Virginia. This Hobbit House In Virginia Will Transport You To A Sci-Fi Fantasy World. This is a hobbit house with a modern touch, providing a great stay in a quiet Santa Fe neighborhood. For an unforgettable, enchanting stay, look no further than this vacation house for rent in Virginia. Too real? If youre a Tolkien fan, we recommend a visit!, https://treehousesofserenity.lodgify.com/en/hobbit-knoll. Hobbits do love luxury and you wi. SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. Theres also a Zen Room and Tiny Home, which can accommodate more guests on the same lot. Plus, commenters rave about the special touches like wine and local chocolates. We did a little bit of exploring around the area, but the house was too lovely to leave, so we made the most of the hot tub and relaxed in the wonderful surroundings. . To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, guests will be transported to Middle-earth with an exclusive overnight stay at the iconic Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand. Tolkien's world. We brought our 3 young kids here, and they had such a great time. The kids were able to really participate in working on the farm. Guest reviews: The interior of the Hobbit house was done nicely. Its nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains with awesome amenities and beautiful views. For more than two decades, weve welcomed millions of passionate fans to Hobbiton Movie Set, but never before has anyone had the opportunity to spend a night in Middle-earth. AirBnb detail photos can really sell thevibe of the property, translate the mood and capture the attention of those who are looking for aunique getaway experience. Or simply relax and let your mind wander as you curl up inside these unique huts. They have endless amounts of charm. This three-dome earth house tucked beneath a grassy knoll in the foothills of Montanas Elkhorn Mountains is very much a Hobbit home, but it also has four full-sized sleeping nooks, as well as a secret (!!!) You can even listen to the audio book of the Hobbit on the CD player as you relax and unwind. Its just a short stroll from Bodiam castle and a vineyard, making this a vacation getaway like no other. Underground Hobbit Style Dome House. Thoughtful little touches are scattered throughout, and it truly feels like what I imagine a Hobbit House would be. The LA Hobbit House is a studio Airbnb that combines the joys of camping with the convenience of the city. The Airbnb does offer some This Earthly amenities, like a Keurig coffee machine, but is impressively faithful to Middle Earth: a fireplace, a small writing desk, a church bell above the door for the other residents of Hobbiton to announce themselves, etc. This one Airbnb in Virginia looks like a hobbit home will make all your Sci-Fi dreams come true. CITQ : 627503 My accommodation is close to Nominingue village, lake, outdoor activities. Heaven!. Guests are responsible for their own travel to and from Auckland. Nearly everything in this secluded Hobbit house was hand-crafted by a member of the family who owns it, including the countertop made with stones from the property, the wooden furniture and tables, and even the dishes. If you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, stay here!. Is this one of the most budget-friendly hobbit house Airbnbs? This peaceful hobbit home is perfect for couples looking for a romantic retreat. Outside, theres a spacious yard with a fire pit, patio, dining table, grill, lawn games, and a garden. This recently refurbished Earthship was built by pioneer and architect Michael Reynolds in 1979 as an experiment in sustainable architecture. (Too soon? For more information, including rates and availability, be sure to check out the official Airbnb listing. This Historic Home In Virginia Is Now A One-Of-A-Kind Airbnb You Can Stay In, The Atlantic Ocean Will Be Right At Your Doorstep When You Spend A Night At This Beachfront Airbnb In Virginia, This Airbnb On An Animal Sanctuary In Virginia Is One Of The Coolest Places To Spend The Night, This Cozy Airbnb In Virginia Used To Be A Post Office And Its An Unbelievably Cool Place To Stay, Spend The Night In An Authentic 1920s Railroad Caboose In Virginia, The Romantic Virginia Getaway Thats Perfect For A Chilly Weekend, Just Steps From The Beach, This Charming Victorian Rental Home In Virginia Is A Storybook Getaway, Feel Like A Kid Again When You Stay At The Trailside Treehouse, A Unique Virginia Airbnb With Its Own Slide. Prior to the Hobbit Hole, Wolfe built a tropical treehouse in Hawaii, set within the rainforests of the Big Island just minutes from Volcanoes National Park. Afterward, let your imagination run wild while sitting cozy and paging through a book from their extensive library theres even a wood-burning stove for those chilly nights. The space is very much a working farm with cows, chickens, horses, and vegetables, and you can help out as much (or as little) as youd like. However, after spending some time in this mushroom house property, it will be hard to leave! You dont have to travel all the way to Middle Earth to enjoy a hobbit-like dwelling. Everything was in excellent working order, the bed was comfortable, the shower was great and warm, and it was just spectacular.. You Shall Not Pass! Page County, Virginia, United States of America. Its located just five minutes from a quaint town, but if you have read this far, you understand that you wont want to leave. Sleeps: 2. Most Unique Tiny House on Airbnb: Hobbit Home in Tennessee 32 Best Tiny House Airbnbs in the US If cozy lake houses, modern cabins, and tiny luxury rentals with waterfront views all sound good to you, you're in for a treat! Cynthia and Pepper made an extraordinary place for others to enjoy. They tend to be mostly off-the-grid and often hidden at first glance. With access to 44 Hobbit Holes, The Millhouse, The Green Dragon Inn, and other beloved locations from the work of J.R.R. You wont be far from Rye and Winchelsea, as well as beaches along the coast. Hobbit Style Underground Cabin - Earth houses for Rent in Broadway, Virginia, United States - Airbnb Skip to content This hobbit house stay in Tennessee is truly one of a kind! This unique, whimsical creation will sleep up to 4 guests. Your email address will not be published. This 800 sq. If youre looking to fulfill your hobbitish fantasy in Vermont, this cozy cottage will not let you down! Its located near Lake Michigan and lots of other local attractions like Bridge Street, Castle Farms, and more. Hobbit's Dream ~ All the Comforts of Home ~, LUXURY LORD OF THE RINGS HOBBIT HOME! Aside from staying in the house and exploring the garden and the surrounding outdoor area, you can hop on the Buckleberry Ferry. I truly like your endeavors. This handcrafted earth home is one of the best sustainable Airbnbs out there. This tiny hobbit house is close to Syracuse NY and Jamesville Beach, but it feels worlds apart when youre spending the night in this secluded cabin built into the earth. Experience the care, craftsmanship, and creativity of this one-of-a-kind property. And on top of it, Trevor was a very helpful and responsive communicator. They consistently provide great experiences for their guests, Free cancellation deadlines are in the property's timezone. View Photos, Read Reviews & Check Availability, Guest reviews: This is a remarkable and beautiful home. Guest reviews: Simply fantastic. Continue to share such useful stuff. Literally. A lifelong Virginia resident, Beth loves exploring different parts of the world and currently resides in Alexandria. This Earth house is decked out with a hot tub, hammock, Perennial gardens, BBQ grill, babbling brook, 3 patios, and so much more. Gonna stay at the treehouse next time. Its set on 8 acres of pristine land with mountain views and all the amenities youll need for a cozy stay. What guests say: A unique stay in a serene place that we loved! This unique, whimsical creation will sleep up to 4 guests. Its designed with keen attention to detail to bring the magical fantasy to life. Transport yourself to a hobbit fantasyland by staying at this enchanting hobbit house in Vermont. What guests say: Visiting this Airbnb exceeded all our expectations. Amazing. A Hobbit Hole Tucked In A Vermont Grassy Hillside - Earth houses for Rent in Middletown Springs, Vermont, United States - Airbnb Skip to content Let your imagination go wild at this whimsical creation in Virginia. Mar 3, 2023 - Entire cabin for $269. You can stay in one with two or three sleeping rooms, all of which have a very functional design, practical but comfortable furniture, and spaces to cook and eat (including picnic tables). A living room and private bathroom with a bedroom on top. Known as the Hobbits Dream, this is the hobbit house Airbnb that die-hard fans of The Hobbit and LOTR will love. (without requesting to book, of course). Add touches like 150 . Randy and Linda will often stop by to give a tour of the grounds and the house, plusprovide another parchment with tips and instructions for the house. This was an experience that wont soon or ever be forgotten.. What guests say: James Bond would stay here if he came to Springfield. Hobbits, elves, wizards and others may request to book one of three overnight stays on Wednesday, December 14 from 10:00AM NZDT at airbnb.com/hobbiton. The labor and attention to detail that went into the home are truly incredible. It was perfectly clean and so many nice special touches (original architectural drawings, design books, firewood, wine, coffee, and local chocolates) made this an extremely special place. The moment you step foot inside this whimsical property, your senses will be overwhelmed by the feeling of hygge. The bedroom has windows that go all the way around the top for a stunning 360 degree view of the . Airbnb Though you wont find Wi-Fi or a flushing toilet, you actually will have access to electricitythe house is lit with an Edison light and electric flame lantern, and is heated in the winter by an electric fireplace. There are chairs and a table on the small ferry, so you can have a nightly drink with bae or have a nice romantic dinner. For more than 80 years people have read Tolkienswork and longed to experience the wonders he created. There's one bedroom with a double bed and two-floor mattresses in the common area. There are three different sections of the house, including the two-bedroom straw bale home, three-bedroom tire home, and a one-bedroom game room. One of the most popular Virginia Airbnbs is the The Joshua Tree House, a charming tiny home in the trees. The Airbnb Newsroom is aimed at journalists. You know who didnt have electricity? Randy, a retired general contractor and craftsman, harvested and crafted all the wood to build the cabinets, trim and doors,and also took onall of the metal work while Linda made the windows. Daydreaming about the ultimate hobbit hotel? Because, as Gandalf so wisely said, The world is not in your books and maps, its out there.. This guide has some of the best hobbit homes for rent in the United States, but Im sure there are some other jewels out there that arent part of this list. Just a short walk from a lake and state park, this Lord of the Rings hobbit house is in one of the best locations imaginable. Full of natural life, the sleek 2,500-square-foot home has a fully equipped kitchen, flatscreen TV, Wi-Fi, electric fireplace, and high-end finishes. Incredible attention to detail with lots of little surprises inside and out. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Guests from around the world will feel welcomed to our slice of New Zealand countryside with iconic storybook landscapes, where each encounter offers a unique and authentic behind-the-scenes movie set experience. Pick blueberries and blackberries and gather fresh eggs. Feb. 24, 2023 - Earth homes for $172. Hobbits do love luxury and you wi. Love Virginia? The earth houses were very nice and modern despite being on a farm. Just such a chance is now available, and its right down Route 81. Sure, they were the most technologically advanced society in Middle Earth, but if you want to truly live as they did, youre going to have to swap lightbulbs for candles and heaters for a wood-burning fireplace. Outside, you can relax in the sun-caressed courtyard and take in views of the hillside and city skyline; and, if you do decide to venture out (you did go all the way to Italy, after all), you can visit the ancient city of Matera (it dates back to 7000 BC), see the cave dwellings in the Sassi area, visit nearby rock churches with 13th-century frescoes, and more. Travel back to the old-world for a charming private stay with full bath and shower. Lets take a closer look, shall we? Once youve enjoyed letting your imagination run wild at the above hobbit houses, check out some of the other incredible Airbnb rentals in the country. This is an earth house Airbnb in San Diego, built for total disconnection from the outside world. We also have in house SiriusXM surround sound or you can link to the bluetooth option and play your favorites from your device! Theres also a claw foot tub, fire pit, darts, and board games to make your stay special. Below are the best hobbit house Airbnbs across the US (and the world), ranked by category (unique amenities, trip types, and budgets). The unique earth house design, coupled with the thatched roof and cozy amenities, make this the ultimate romantic retreat. Note: The workshop is paid for separately. The owners have posted on their Airbnb page that "all is well" and it's still available to book. Taos is known for two types of housing: Pueblo-style homes and Earthships. With so much charm and creative touches, its no wonder this is one of the countrys coolest hobbit house Airbnbs. Oh, and you can even ask them to create your very own ring quest to do while visiting! ft. home has all the fixtures and decorative touches that will make you feel like you're in a hobbit home. So many tiny details made the place perfect and super unique. A Warm Hearth and "All the Comforts of Home" - Earth houses for Rent in Fairfield, Virginia, United States - Airbnb Skip to content Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an unusual experience for a group, these earth-sheltered homes are guaranteed to be out of (or, rather, under) this world. From the weapon wall decor to the hobbit-themed books laying around, you'll be thoroughly impressed with the detailing. Off-Grid Hobbit House Tour | The Wander Family "Stays". If you know of any or have had a chance to stay in a hobbit house, then youre more than welcome to let me know through my email or socials. Thanksgiving was a perfect opportunity to enjoy the cozy quarters of this unique home. This home is truly off-grid, so not only will you have to be okay with a composting toilet, but youll have to live without a shower for a few nights. By focusing on little spaces around the rental property,we can deliver the exact atmosphere of what it's like to stay there! Its nestled in a valley in the northwestern part of the state within reach of some of the most beautiful state and national parks. Private, cozy, and wonderfully quiet. For those looking to experience something truly magical, there's a perfect accommodation located in the mountains of Virginia. Guest reviews: One of a kind, unlike any Airbnb we have ever stayed in. Hobbit Hole Vacation in Virginia w/ Handcrafted Elements on May 15, 2021 If you'd like a peaceful getaway, this Hobbit Hole in Virginia looks like a stellar spot. STAY HERE. Love Virginia? The private setting and thoughtful touches make this one of the coolest earth house Airbnbs imaginable! Stay at this earthen hobbit house in Alabama and youll feel like youre in another world. Hobbits, elves, wizards and others may request to book one of three overnight stays on Wednesday, December 14 from 10:00AM NZDT at airbnb.com/hobbiton. Although the property is currently fully booked until October, you can stay at the Hobbit House for just 199 a night. The rooms are circular, the original shape of the silo. Very nice.. While the hobbit hole interior is relatively small, it has a well-fitted kitchen that includes a stove for making tasty meals and coffee-making facilities. Its easy to see why this is one of the coolest real hobbit houses. We will definitely be back; so inspiring and the perfect spot outside for a cigar and game of cards overlooking the old city. (Theres also a fire pit outside for bonfires and cookouts.) This underground hobbit house is set on a rock cliff surrounded by a quarry pond and lush greenery. And thats just the inside. If youre into earthy accommodations, I cant imagine a more romantic earth house Airbnb than this one in Washington! What guests say: This is a very special place to stay. Lovely experience overall!!. Luckily, there are so many Airbnbs around the US that'll do just that. fantasy architecture on 12 lovely green acres! Because of this, youll also often hear the sound of feet walking in the upper level, although this is a minor inconvenience. Nestled in the picturesque pastures of New Zealands Waikato region on a 2,500 acre working farm, the propertys rolling, green hills bear a striking similarity to The Shire as described by J. R. R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings, and captivated Sir Peter Jacksons movie scouts more than two decades ago. Talk about your favorite theories while snuggled up near the firepit, soaking in the tub, or over a game of darts. Sure, you could settle for a super cool earth home in the Statesbut why do that when you could sleep inside of one in Italy? Wee Nook - Airbnb. Whether youre looking for a romantic getaway or an unusual experience for a group, these earth-sheltered homes are guaranteed to be out of (or, rather, under) this world. (Full Earth House Airbnb Tour), https://www.jonesaroundtheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Hobbit-Knoll-Treehouses-of-Serenity.jpeg, https://www.jonesaroundtheworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/logotry-1-1-300x106.png, 11 Incredible Hobbit House Airbnb Rentals for a Unique Getaway. Plus, as cozy as it is, you can still enjoy modern amenities, like a full bathroom (down the hall and through the greenhouse with a shower thats almost, but not quite outside, a thing most guests list as a pro), a flower-filled patio, and beautiful views. Wee Nook - Airbnb. (KCAU) - Siouxlanders and fans of fantasy will now have a place to begin "an unexpected journey." The owner of Kottage Knechtion hosted an open house Sunday to show their newly constructed Hobbit-inspired Airbnb. With sweeping views of The Shire, theyll enjoy: Now, one does not simply walk into Middle-earth. Linda and Randy are attentive hosts who have clearly put a lot of thought into constructing a memorable and comfortable stay. Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb Magical Hobbit's Dream Cottage. These houses dont exist just because they look super cool (theyre usually very futuristic or completely old-world), but because they are a sustainable way to build and live. Hobbit's Dream is located in Fairfield, Virginia and you'll have the entire Earth house to yourself. This spot is so authentic and looks like something straight out of Middle Earth. Even if you arent a LOTR or The Hobbit fan, these whimsical hobbit houses are worth staying in if youre into unusual accommodation. A behind-the-scenes private tour of Hobbiton Movie Set. The house was inspirational in itself. No unexpected parties, please unless with Gandalf and company. I needed a good project to just keep me going, so to speak, so we just broke ground and started building, and thats what we came up with, says Randy. Narcity Media Inc. And just in case that didnt sell you, it was also featured on Netflixs Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals., What guests say: Every inch of this unique and inspiring house was filled with such fun, whimsical, and artful touches. Looking for a cheap stay at a hobbit house cottage? Children allowed: ages 0-17children under 16 - 1 child free per paying adult, Pets allowed: Up to 2 dogs less than 50lbsPet fee is Per Dog - no other animals allowed, No smoking allowedsmoking allowed outdoors and screened in porch. The home has all of the amenities youll need, and there is a new black bottom pool for soaking after a day of hiking in the desert. Take a stroll near the creek and two small waterfalls on the property of this hobbit cottage. Hang out in the magical garden or on the sun deck. Guest reviews: Perfect from start to finish. We had a wonderful romantic getaway and are still in awe of the amazing architecture and beautiful location. A lot of guests tell us theyre sitting up at the fire pit at night and they are just waiting on Gandalf or the dwarves to come up and knock on their door. // airbnb.com/rooms/22525406#neighborhood; $167/night, Copyright 2023 Northern Virginia Magazine, Have your own adventure in this real-life Virginia hobbit home, Devils Backbone Brewerys Outpost Tap Room and Kitchen. This working farm in a little village thats about 1.5 hours outside of Amsterdam has several Gronddulows, which are basically earth homes with modern designs made with sustainable materials and an arched hood. The following sections will cover each listing in more detail and show additional vacation rentals modeled after The Hobbit that youll want to check out. It is nestled in the lower level of the host's home with a private entrance complete with 2 bedrooms and bath. [rebelmouse-image 25976144 photo_credit="Airbnb" expand=1 original_size="632x475"]. Size: 288 sq ft Location: Chelan, Washington With its minimalistic decor and earthy feel, this home is an oasis for . Please read our rules and regulations as your payment constitutes your agreement to our terms. Unlike the popular Hobbiton set in New Zealand where the films were shot, you can stay overnight and fully immerse yourself in the fantasy at these Airbnbs. You can enjoy a tasty meal or picnic on the deck outside while watching a host of animals navigating the pond. If you want to go out and explore, there are hiking trails nearby, and shops and restaurants are just a short drive away. Ninety percent of this home is built into the earth, but that doesnt mean you wont get all the views and amenities needed for a relaxing getaway. The hobbit home is completely off grid, thanks to solar panels and various sustainable touches. AIRBNB. Since then they have been pretty busy. The home is both beautiful and extremely comfortable, with every needed amenity.. The three-bedroom, two-bath "hobbit house," which sits across from . Also, it is set in a remote location. You will be responsible for any damage to the rental property caused by you or your party during your stay. It truly feels like the Shire! These unique underground homes have taken the internet by stormespecially the one set in New Zealand but there are many hobbit houses in the US, too. 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